PetroPi Integrated design and engineering team delivers value added CAD design and engineering services that have contributed immensely in the success of our customer's projects. PetroPi offers 2D Drafting, 3D modeling and assembly, FEA stress analysis and simulation, products designs, and prototypes. PetroPi can optimize your product shape, movement, weight, cost, performance and quality, identifying the best design for the specific product applications.

We tackle tough-to-manufacture components and assemblies with our global team of engineering and technical specialists. PetroPI deliver unique solutions that drive down costs without sacrificing performance. We provide machining, forging, casting, stamping in addition to fabrication made of steel, aluminum, and PVC. PetroPi provides you with a strategic, competitive advantage by streamlining manufacturing processes, optimizing product quality, and reducing time-to-market.

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What we do

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About Us
PetroPi partners with companies to provide high-quality global manufacturing solutions. If you are seeking optimized cost, impeccable service, on-time delivery, and 100% quality assurance, we can provide one-stop supply chain management solutions. We design and create.

Our professional engineers and global experts team create precision-crafted custom solutions, developed to your exact specifications. We give you both peace-of-mind and confidence that you can continue to lower manufacturing costs while improving productivity and quality.

PetroPi offers a wide range of pressure control products and services used in oil industry during drilling, completion and production operations on land. The products and services include API 6A Wellhead Design, Wellhead Products, Wellhead Installation & Service, Downhole Flow Control Tools, and Downhole Completion Tools. We also offer Geology and Geophysics service to perform Basin and Petroleum Systems Modelling (2D and 3D) and much more.