Downhole Flow Control Tools

Downhole Flow Control Tools provide the flexibility of a well completion and perform a multitude of tasks, such as:

  • Plugging off the tubing string
  • Establishing communication between the tubing and the annulus
  • Restricting flow in tubing and allowing production control from different zones
  • Placing various downhole equipment accurately

Application of downhole flow control tools can save time and cost spent on diagnosing well problems (such as tubing or leaks) should they occur. Strategically placed profile seating nipples above and below the packer aid in isolating the leak to the packer or the tubing string.

Following Flow Control products, are often used in a combination, accomplish the desired production flow control within production tubing string.

Sliding Sleeves
: They provide a means to communicate between the tubing and annulus. They also have a locking groove and a polished sealbore to allow a flow control device to be locked and seal off when installed.

Lock Mandrels / Nipple: They have a unique machined locking groove profile to lock a flow control device that is run and installed on slickline or coiled tubing.

Landing / Profile Nipples: These nipples are positioned at strategic locations within the tubing string to allow the accurate placement of Slickline Plugs, Check Valves, Bottomhole Chokes, Downhole Flow Regulators,   Bottomhole Pressure Recorders.

Blanking Plugs: Blanking Plugs can be landed in the profiles of Sliding Sleeves and Profile Nipples, allowing pressure test to tubing or to set a hydraulic packer, or to isolate and shut off the flow from the formation.

PetroPi has a complete selection of downhole Flow Control Tools and accessories. The products are comparable to BakerĀ® or OtisĀ® style tools. We have full selections of profiles, materials and specialized threads to meet your completion requirements.

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