Sand control screen prevent the migration of reservoir sand and fines into a wellbore, stabilize reservoir, retain permeability for wells, enhance productivity, optimize production, and protect equipment.

The sand control screens selection depends on site-specific conditions, operating practices and economic considerations. Available sand control screens have the following types:

  • Laser slotted screen liner; used in heavy oil well. Slot width is from .006” up to .250”. Slot length is usually 1.5”-2.00”. Slots can be straight or keystone shaped.
  • Elastic Screen; sand control of oil, gas, and water wells with self-cleaning, deplugging features
  • Sintered Filter Clothed Sand Control Screen; sand control of oil, gas, and water wells with high discharge capacity with large filter area
  • Precisely Screen Liner: woven wire mesh features with controlled hole size. Holes distribute uniformity and do not become deformed.
  • PRS Screen Liner; used in horizontal well open hole screen completion, direct screen sand control. High inflow area provides lower pressure drops, increased production rates, and longer well life.

Sand Control Screen

Laser Slotted Screen Liner

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