API 6Awellhead is the equipment used to maintain surface control of an oil well. It is made of forged steel and installed on surface casing to seal and prevent well fluids from blowing or leaking at the surface.

When formation pressures are extremely high, the high-pressure wellhead is required. Usually wellhead pressure is designed up to 20,000 psi. Where production and pressures are low, the simple wellhead may be used.

PetroPi provides Wellhead Designs and Wellhead Training to conventional wellhead system and thermal wellhead system, include but not limit to flowing wellhead system, Artificial Lift Wellhead system (Rod Pumping Wellhead system, PCP, ESP, Gas Lift, Frac) in sweet, sour and corrosive well systems. The wellhead components includes casing heads, casing spools, tubing heads, casing/tubing hangers, tools, API 6A flanges, and flanged connections.

PetroPi’s wellhead engineering team is dedicated to support our customer needs. We provide support to manufacturing and sales along with technical assistance to customers. Our engineering team provides support on all API-6A products including full range of gate valves, wellheads, frac equipment and other specialized products. Our engineering team offers consultation for customers to provide a high-end solution to their specific needs. We can handle specific requirements and provide custom-made solutions that help to supply customized equipment. PetroPi design and manufacture high-quality wellhead systems to suit all casing size requirements – to full API specifications, including:

  • Conventional stack-up wellhead systems that use mandrel casing hangers or slip-and-seal casing hangers.
  • Thermal wellhead system with temperature up to 650 °F (API 6A temperature class Y).
  • Full-bore and slim-hole multi-bowl-style casing head systems for drill-through system technologies, which utilize primary mandrel hangers and packoff for casing support with contingency slip-and-seal casing hangers.

Design wellhead per API 6A requirements at PSL 1 to 3

  • Casing Head, Spool
  • Tubing Head, Spool
  • Casing hanger, tubing hanger, tools
  • Tees and Crosses
  • Adapter and Spacer Spool
  • Threaded Connectors

Conventional Wellhead Engineering Design

  • Conventional Sour Flowing Wellhead
  • Conventional PCP Wellhead
  • Multi-Bowl Wellhead System

Thermal Wellhead Engineering Design

  • CCS Wellhead
  • SAGD Wellheads
  • ESP Wellhead
  • Water Injection Wellhead System
  • Steam Injection Wellhead System
  • Steam Production Wellhead System
  • PCP Wellhead System
  • Gas Lift Wellhead System

API 6A Wellhead Design Training:

  • History of API 6A
  • Design methods: ASME Method, Von Mises, Proof Testing, etc.
  • Wall Thickness Criteria
  • Membrane Stress Intensity
  • FEA Method
  • Bolting Calculations
  • Bearing and Direct Shear
  • High Temperature Design

API 6A Wellhead Design

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