Downhole Packers & Completion Tools

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Downhole Completion Tools are used in oil and gas wells when the well is in the process of ready for production. The process prepares the bottom of the hole to the designed specifications, run in the production tubing string and Downhole Completion Tools.

Downhole Completion Tools include Packers, Bridge plugs, Cement Retainers, and other completion equipment and accessories.

The packer is a sealing device. It isolates and contains produced fluids and pressures within the wellbore to protect the casing and other formations above or below the producing zone. It is essential to the basic functioning of a well and forms the basis of the cased-hole completion design.

Bridge plugs & Cement Retainers are used in cementing jobs during well completion and killing the well after cementing job.

PetroPi offers a wide range of Packers and Completion Equipment and accessories. PetroPi’s production packer designs suit common wellbore geometry and production requirements including Retrievable Production Packers and accessories.

PetroPi’s Bridge Plugs and Cement Retainers are available in a wide range of sizes for common casing weights. They are designed to be easily and quickly drilled out.

PetroPi’s Mechanical Setting Tool is a compact, economical tool design for setting Bridge Plugs and Cement Retainers on Tubing.

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