Stamping and Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal is metal formed by an industrial process into thin, flat pieces. Its application can be as small as a binder clip or as large as a car body or an airplane wing.

Stamping and sheet metal fabrication can form simple or complex shapes at high production rates; tooling and equipment costs can be high, but labor costs are low.

Metal Stamping
Stamping includes a variety of operations such as punching, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining.

PetroPi Metal Stamping manufacture an array of products. Parts can be up to 20" long, 8" wide, and between 0.010" to 1/4" thick. Materials like aluminum, beryllium copper, brass, steels, copper can be stamped to precision tolerances of only ±0.005". Stamped units can be heat treated, anodized, painted, plated, or powder coated, electro-coated, and silk screened. Kitting, labeling, and custom packaging services round out a substantial list of additional offerings made to clients. Low volume (100 minimum) and medium volume (50,000 maximum) production runs of components such as levers, handles, clamps, stainless steel keyboards, metal chassis & metal cases. battery plates, terminals, spring plates, clip plates, metal accessories for mobile phones and electrical appliances. Manufacturing lead times are typically four weeks, but rush services are also available. New tooling, however, can require additional lead times

Sheet Metal Fabrication
PetroPi provides comprehensive sheet metal fabrication services. The skilled operators utilizes high precision CNC turret punch presses, press brakes and other equipment to punch, bend, form, notch, shear and stamp aluminum, beryllium copper, brass, numerous steels, nickel alloys, phosphor bronze and much more. Joining is accomplished by spot welding or MIG and TIG welding processes. Sheet and coil materials from 0.010" to 1/8" thick, up to 60" wide, and up to 96" long are all fabricated to precision tolerances of ±0.005". Processes such as EDM machining, drilling, heat treating, brushing / grinding and hardware installation are all available, in addition to surface grinding, reaming, tapping, turning, and threading.

PetroPi also offer finishing services like anodizing, painting, plating, powder coating, and electro-coating. As a specialty production shop we are geared for low volume (100 minimum) and medium volume (50,000 maximum) production. Lead times usually run four weeks, although rush services can be provided.

Manufacturing & Sourcing