Core logging is labor intensive and costly for mining operation and modelling. Routine analysis includes whole rock assay, mineral identification, organic content determination and alteration detection from traditional laboratory analysis. These traditional approaches are sample-destructive and time consuming. Hyperspectral devices collects reflected energy over different wavelengths from cores at sub-millimeter scale and reconstruct a digital representation of the core in different spectral regions (visible to near infrared, thermal infrared, etc).  The cores remain intact and do not require any physical sampling or destruction. The data is used to extract mineral species and mineral abundance.

PetroPi Hyperspectral Core Imaging Core logging system offers spectral of 0.4 micrometers to 12 micrometers and spatial resolution of 0.5 mm. Scan speed can handle 100 meters a day. PetroPi can customize softwares for specific applications with the world’s leading spectral geologists.

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Hyperspectral Core Logging and Imaging