CNC means Computerized Numerical Control. This refers to modern milling machines and other machine tools that can carve complex parts from solid billets. Although CNC parts are not as strong as forged parts, they can be made into more complicated shapes than is possible with forging or conventional casting.

CNC machines are programmed with a design which can then be manufactured hundreds or even thousands of times. Each manufactured product will be exactly the same.

CNC Computer Numerical Control machines are widely used in manufacturing industry. Traditional machines such as vertical millers, center lathes, shaping machines, routers etc are being replaced by computer control machines.

PetroPi machining services and capabilities have turning, threading, boring, knurling, drilling, counterboring, countersinking, reaming, tapping, for full range of industrial applications. Using 2D and 3D design expertise, PetroPi can design and fabricate precision tolerances. PetroPi can machine stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum alloy, copper, brass, ABS, nylon, UHMW and polyethylene.

Machining is normally for making small quantity of part. especially for complex parts. The cost is normally higher because the process remove material which is recycled only for scrap. For large quantity and complex designed parts, PetroPi recommends casting or forging processes.

CNC machining for metal and non-metal parts process,including carbon steel machining, alloy steel machining, stainless steel machining, aluminium alloy machining, copper and brass machining, and plastic machining

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