PetroPi is staffed with many industry experienced professionals skilled in a variety of Mechanical Engineering disciplines. With the aid of a robust set of engineering tools our engineers evaluate and enhance product form, fit and function. PetroPi engineers leverage state of the art software tools to optimize product shape, movement, weight, cost, performance and quality, identifying the best design for the specific product applications.

Success requires introducing products faster than your competitors, at lower cost and of higher quality. PetroPi provides customers with a strategic, competitive advantage by streamlining mechanical engineering processes, optimizing product quality, and reducing time-to-market. PetroPi’s goal during the product development cycle is to utilize exceptional mechanical engineering techniques to evaluate and optimize product functionality, while minimizing manufacturing costs.

Product Design & Research and Development (R&D)

Motor Drived Rotating Equipment Design Review

This project review the dimensions of each component, checked the assembly of all components, power transmission from motor to gear in defined the load,
PetroPi conducted the stress calculations  to selected parts and in accordance with the requirements of industrial codes, design method and other methods in conform engineering design principles.

Selected Cases

Designs & Engineering Services

Valve Equipment Design and Calculation

This is an valve product applied in a spcific pressure, errosive flow under defined weather condition. PetroPi designed all individual components..Generated 2D and 3D assembly. Recommanded suitable materials for each components under the enviornment. Suggested coating and machining operation for its potential abrasive enviorenment. At the end, calculated all component based on the actural enviromental application conditions.

"Scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create that which has never been." Some of the greatest challenges of modern life have been overcome thanks to engineers. And their reach continues to grow.

PetroPi engineering teams leverage their formal training and extensive design experience to create innovation. A disciplined approach ensures that product designs or reviews to your designs are thought through to minimize risk.