API 6A Wellhead Installation and Maintenance Service

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Gas wells and oil wells have a high potential hazard. There may have flammable gas, H2S, hidden pressure, moving/rotating equipment, etc. Formal trained technicians and experience are critical in properly performing the task. These technicians are required to maintain proficiency in all current government and industry-mandated courses and certificates. These qualifications along with continual training in equipment application and safety operation must be according to international standards and national regulation.

PetroPi and its partner have decades experience of working with wellheads and provides cost-effective wellhead maintenance services. Because we are independent of the major wellhead manufacturers, we have experience of all types of wellhead and wellhead equipment.

PetroPi Wellhead installs and services most types of wellhead products. From drilling to production, PetroPi has the equipment and service personnel to handle your needs and pressures.

PetroPi’s wellhead engineering team is dedicated to support our customer needs. We provide support to manufacturing and sales along with technical assistance to customers. Our engineering team provides support on all API-6A products including full range of gate valves, wellheads, frac equipment and other specialized products. Our engineering team offers consultation for customers to provide a high-end solution to their specific needs. We can handle specific requirements and provide custom-made solutions that help to supply customized equipment.

Retrofit Parts:

PetroPi can produce retrofit parts for wellhead configurations where the manufacturer has ceased production. These replacement parts can radically extend the operating life of the equipment.

Complete Service:

With trained technicians, PetroPi can supply full Wellhead systems

Low Cost Manufacturing, & Testing Capabilities:

Our engineering and manufacturing team in the Canada and China allows us the ability to pass on cost savings to our customers.


We are a current, active member in ISNetworld and have a thorough, detailed safety training program.

PetroPi wellhead maintenance services include:

  • API 6A hydrostatic testing up to 22,500psi
  • On-site Pressure bleeding / monitoring
  • Visual inspections
  • Function testing of valves, chokes and actuators
  • Pressure testing of valves and interfaces
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Lubrication

PetrPi provide our customers with the highest value from excellent service, superior quality, and competitive pricing. Contact us today to learn more about our service or to speak with a representative about a design consultation.