PetroPi’s Wellhead team has expertise in both thermal wellhead and conventional wellhead design, products, and services.

PletroPi’s Downhole Flow Control Tools have a complete selection of Lock Mandrels / Nipples, Landing / Profile Nipple, Sliding Sleeves, and Blanking Plug.

PletroPi’s downhole Completion Tools includes Packers, Bridge plugs, Cement Retainers, and other completion equipment and accessories.

PetroPi’s Geology and Geophysics service can model Basin and Petroleum Systems, Conventional and Unconventional Play Analysis, Reservoir Quality Evaluation and Prediction, Seismic Reprocessing and Interpretation, and Risk Analysis.

PetroPi strive to gain our customer’s trust, deliver reliable products and constantly promote value.

The reason why customers continue to come back to PetroPi is because they are assured expert and educated information with responsive customer service and delivery. PetroPi can advise on what is required in order to meet industry and customer standards. With customizable designs and solutions available right product can be supplied to meet individual requirements. For more information, contact us.

PetroPi’s roots is in the oil industry both in Canada and China. PetroPi offers a wide range of pressure control products and services used during drilling, completion and production operations on land. The products and services include API 6A Wellhead Design, Wellhead Products, Wellhead Installation & Service, Downhole Flow Control Tools, and Downhole Completion Tolls. We also offer Geology and Geophysics service to perform Basin and Petroleum Systems Modelling (2D and 3D) and much more.

Products & Services